Kids Do Good: Eco-Air

This is Anna Talman. She's a member of Edmonton’s Children-Organized Anti-Idling Recruiters (Eco-Air).

I saw Anna speak to a City Council committee last year about enacting an anti-idling law. It was awesome. Being characteristically timid, our fine councillors backed off on a law and instead committed $140,000 to beg educate people to stop idling their cars unnecessarily. Better than nothing.

Anna and her colleagues aren't giving up, either. They have a goal to put anti-idling stickers on 10,000 cars in Edmonton, and they want 20 youth ambassadors signed up to be team leaders at 20 of the 199 public schools in Edmonton (information from the eco-air website).

Want to get involved? Request some anti-idling stickers or sign up as a youth ambassador.

And watch for Anna when City Council considers an anti-idling bylaw later this year. I bet she'll be awesome again.

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I totally agree with what Anna talman is fighting for.Its our planet we are wrecking.I believe we should do everything and anything to help slow down global warming.Plus it costs alot of money to get gas.Lately it has been costing $74.00 to fill up a tank of gas.YOur throwing away your money.GO ANNA!

I think it's really cool what Anna did and that she infuluenced that many people.

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