Edmonton doctors support bike infrastructure

Edmonton doctors support bike infrastructure

EDMONTON –  A group of local Edmonton physicians including Edmonton’s Lead Medical Officer of Health Dr. Christopher Sikora is calling on Edmonton city council to prioritize the implementation of safer cycling infrastructure in Edmonton.

On Wednesday, March 13 Dr. Darren Markland will submit a letter signed by 15 local physicians and speak to the Transportation Infrastructure Committee in regards to the mayor’s request for a report from city administration on the consultation process and impacts of the 2013 bike lanes.

“Not only is it important to get Edmontonians on their bikes and moving in the midst of a Canada wide obesity crisis but all too often the deaths and injuries of cyclists could be avoided by implementing quality bike infrastructure that makes it safer for everyone to ride.”

Dr. Markland is an intensive care physician at the Royal Alexandra Hospital . He will be presenting his letter on behalf of his colleagues and will be available to speak afterwards.

The letter can be found here.

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Exciting news!
This plays a great role in a cultural shift and would be even more hefty if we saw some concrete actions by the medical community, i.e., more physicians commuting by bike and leting the patients know about that. Real life examples are very powerful.
Thank you.
Eduardo, physician and a staunch bike commuter.

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