Dandelion Renewables - Edmonton's newest solar installation company

Edmonton's newest solar installation company, Dandelion Renewables

My friend Mike has been working for the past year on a new business, and I think that his timing is perfect: there has never been a cheaper time to install solar electric modules on your house.

A mathematician and project feasability modeller by profession, Mike is passionate about making solar work for his clients. He is one of two people whom I've met who truly understands your electricity bill (Gordon Howell is the other one - how is it okay that only the best experts understand a freakin bill?), and he is looking to put that understanding to good use.

The solar electric industry is undergoing an upheaval. Although I don't care to know the details, the result is that the price of PV modules right now is roughly one quarter of what I paid just a few years ago.

Mike tells me that he can achieve rates of return between 3%-5% for his clients on solar installations. That investment is more secure than any stock (the equipment can be covered by home insurance), and it turns you into a green energy producer. How cool is that?

If I didn't already have every square inch of my house covered with PV modules, I would hire Mike of Dandelion Renewables to install solar panels on my house.

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I too almost exclusively shop at EGS, why?
Because all products are sourced as ethically as possible in the form of organic, Fair Trade or local.
EGS is the personification of the buzz words, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR.
A large amount of any profit made by EGS goes back into either the community, like minded NGO groups or expanding the service.
A business advisor suggested that EGS would not survive unless it supplied meat products.
Michael decided to ignore this advice and stay true to his values.
The meat and dairy industries of the world are responsible for 18% of all Green House Gases (GHGs), more than all forms of transportation combined (UN FAO 2006 report, "Livestocks Long Shadow").
The single most effective thing an individual can do to reduce GHGs (and many other environmentally damaging effects) is to go vegan.
In doing so that person will be healthier (heart disease is #1 killer) and make life for our fellow creatures much more humane.

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