Cyclist Town Hall Meeting - Whyte Avenue Corridor Bike Paths

Bike Paths Along the Whyte Avenue Corridor

Cyclist Town Hall Meeting

Many Edmonton streets are unsafe for cyclists. As Edmonton’s cycling hub, the Whyte Avenue Corridor is in dire need of dedicated infrastructure to increase safety and make cycling more comfortable for cyclists of all abilities.


  1. Edmonton Bicycle Commuters : presentation on bicycle infrastructure
  2. Conrad Nobert: Ideas for Whyte Avenue Bike Infrastructure
  3. Ben Henderson, Edmonton City Councillor
  4. You: open forum/town hall meeting. What bicycle infrastructure do you think would make Whyte Avenue safer and more comfortable for cyclists?

The goal of this meeting is to galvanize public support for Whyte Avenue Bike infrastructure, and then to form a working group to refine a proposal to make to the city. Cyclists should decide what infrastructure would best improve cycling safety and comfort along the Whyte Avenue corridor.

When: September 25, 2012, 7:30pm

Where: Queen Alexandra Community Hall, 10425 University Ave (near Calgary Trail and 76th Avenue)

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