Cyclist Town Hall Meeting - Great Success!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the cyclist town hall meeting on Tuesday. I thought the discussion was excellent, and it was enlightening to hear from Chris Chan and my two favourite city councillors Ben Henderson and Don Iveson.

What did we accomplish?

  • We created political clout. I counted 110+ people in the room at one point. With all the time pressures of modern life, I consider that a very significant showing. No one spoke out against better bicycle infrastructure in the Whyte Avenue area (plus, it was advertised as a "cyclist" town hall meeting), so I feel safe declaring that over 100 cyclists showed their support. That will give our group more weight as we advocate for our ideas.
  • We put bicycle infrastructure in the media. CBC, Global News and Metro News picked up the story. 
  • We heard from our elected representatives. The good councillors enlightened us to some political realities and answered many questions.
  • We shared. Many good ideas and relevant points of view.
  • We formed a working group. Dozens of people signed up to help work on the issue moving forward.

What now?

I will call another, smaller meeting for the people who signed up. I think that the next step is to formulate our "ask", and develop a specific strategy to get it.

Thanks so much to everyone who got involved!

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That's a great turnout! Congrats and looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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