Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying

I recently discovered an excellent local blog: Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying. Its four authors are, according to recent email correspondence, "frustrated by the decision of many of our progressive friends to leave Alberta for greener pastures, so we think it's really important to contribute to fostering a sense of community and agency among younger Edmontonians and Albertans". Amen!

They also metioned that "this is the product of our effort to do something positive with our collective cynicism. The blog was created as a forum for discussing Alberta/Edmonton politics from a progressive perspective, but also with the specific aim of re-engaging more young Edmontonians and Albertans in the politics of our province."

I love to read funny, scathing stuff, too, and these guys are good writers. A quick scan of recent posts reveals this gem about Big Rock Beer being a major contributor to the provincial PC party. Plus, they get that there's an environmental catastrophe going on in this province.

Get rich or die trying. Then give their blog a read.

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